Got Married?

Jan King and Rob Stead

Once upon a time there was Rob and there was Jan living miserable lives in their respective backwaters desperately seeking something more in their lives.

Jan of course had the lovely Rufus and Rob had a wooden lodge alive with mice but still there was a sense there might be something more out there to make their lives complete.

To cut a long story as short as you can bear, on a winter’s holiday to the delightful Torremolinos with Gillie, Ali and Jake, Rob and Jan started to see each other a little differently.  Was it the cable car ride, the Alhambra or indeed the magic of the Costa del Sol? – we cannot really say but something happened that Epiphany in 2004 that has led to 18 June 2016 and a wedding.


Donations to Nepal Village Foundation

To celebrate our wedding please do consider giving to the Nepal Village Foundation by following this link.  We’re pleased to say money already given will cover someone’s wages for over a year.  Jan is on the board of this great charity.

Jan’s Mahian

Jan’s preparation for the wedding:


Flickr photos here



The Wedding Ceremony

Thanks to Ben Bennett.

The Confetti Moment

A shorter clip.

Blu Skies - Music for Our Wedding

We ask Jack Stead, Rob’s nephew, to create some music to celebrate our wedding and here it is.

To my Aunt (and Uncle) on her (their) wedding day

Reading by Rebecca Sandeman.  You can also read it here.



Rob and Jan have been together for 12 years.